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Tuesday, November 14th, 2017
We have some exciting news to announce!

OfficialPSDs.com (OP) is under new ownership!! Yes, we know that announcement can be scary sometimes, but fortunately, this is not one of those times!

You should already notice how much better the site has been running lately. We have fixed several program bugs and site issues on top of moving OP to newer and much faster servers in a new datacenter to provide much better performance and reliability. We have also cleaned up a lot of the image comments to remove a lot of the spam that has been posted over the years. In addition, we have implemented new protection systems against spam and site abuse.

The next big announcement is that we are developing a completely new site for OP! The site and software behind OP is quite old and required a great deal of re-coding just to get it running on new servers. So, we are creating a brand new site for OP that hopefully combines what everyone loves about the current site with a more modern site with better functionality, more features, more sections and mobile device support.

We know a few years ago the site was replaced temporarily with a standard gallery system that probably looked better but failed to support several of the things you guys expected from OP. This time though, we are building a brand new site from scratch so we can build and shape the site like we want rather than trying to bend a generic and broad gallery system to replace the site.

Of course there may be some features that we do not implement in the new site mainly because there are more modern ways and expectations of how sites like OP should work and it is important to present a user interface that provides a fluid user experience without having to read a manual to understand how the site works. That said, we will do our best to offer some type of replacement or improved feature for most features that are currently on OP.

One thing that we are most excited about is that we plan to bring back the OP forums when the new site launches! Since the old OP forums have been offline for so long due to massive spamming, we are going to start with brand new forums. We want to create a new OP community that brings artists, designers, and creative souls together.

It will take us a little time to build and test the new site, but we have already started on it and are making great progress on it every day.

We hope you are as excited as we are!

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